Professional Development

Elementary, middle and high school teachers

►Teachers’ Resource Workshops:
half-day, in-school workshops for teachers.

►Teachers’ Shakespeare Institute: 
two-day workshop for teachers
held each summer in Cold Spring, NY.

Workshops are designed to help teachers make Shakespeare fun and accessible within the classroom.  Days are structured around a Shakespeare text and will enable teachers to integrate theater-based activities into their curriculum.

Teachers’ Resource Workshops can be held in a classroom, auditorium or comparable space. Maximum of 25 participants per workshop. Teachers’ Shakespeare Institute is held in the Hudson Valley area of New York in June – July each year. Maximum of 20 participants allowed.


  1. Teachers’ Resource: $750 per workshop
  2. Teachers’ Institute: $350 per teacher

For more information, please e-mail Nora Rosoff, Education and Outreach Manager, or contact her at the HVSF Office at 845-809-5750 x13.