The Revelers!

Are you between the ages of 21–35, and looking for fun, new ways to spend your free time?

HVSF’s The Revelers has been created specifically for you, with a mission to liven up your life through live theater. 

Ages 16-20? Check out our Teen Revelers page.

Ditch your usual Friday night routine—bring friends and meet new ones! With these huge discounts, you can enjoy fantastic live performances filled with sword fights, romance, and adventures for less than your typical happy hour tab. There’s no strings attached either.

Simply click here to sign up (it’s free!) and enjoy all the benefits without any of the commitment.

So, check your preconceptions at the door, because we promise that you’ve never experienced theater like this before.

Here are the perks of being a Reveler:

  1. Attend select performances for $20 per ticket (limit of 4 tickets, per order, per show).
  2. Enjoy a 10% discount at HVSF’s Café (including pre-ordered picnics and alcoholic beverages).
  3. Enjoy a 10% discount when you buy HVSF merchandise.
  4. Enjoy priority access and discounts to HVSF Special Events.

When you sign up:

A Revelers’ card will be mailed to the address you provide. This card will need to be presented in order to receive discounts at the HVSF Café, and on HVSF merchandise.

You will be added to The Revelers’ mailing and e-mail lists, in order to receive updates and information regarding discounts and events.

Contact Nora Rosoff at with questions about becoming one of The Revelers!